Free Stone Productions

Films shown at Nippon Connection

God Seeks In Return, Japan 2022 (World sales) NC24
From The End Of The World, Japan 2023 (World sales) NC24
Qualia, Japan 2023 (World sales) NC24
Okiku And The World, Japan 2022 (World sales) NC23
Just The Two Of Us, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC22
SUMODO ~The Successors Of Samurai~, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
Kontora, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC21
Minori, On The Brink, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
Little Miss Period, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad's An Alcoholic, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
My Sweet Grappa Remedies, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
Extro, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
The Chrysanthemum And The Guillotine, Japan 2018 (World sales) NC19
Marriage Hunting Beauty, Japan 2018 (World sales) NC19
Violence Voyager, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC18
Enokida Trading Post, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC18
Hanagatami, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC18
Over The Fence, Japan 2016 (World sales) NC17
0.5mm, Japan 2014 (World sales) NC15
Blindly In Love, Japan 2013 (World sales) NC15
Forma, Japan 2013 (World sales) NC14
R100, Japan 2013 (World sales) NC14
Bon Lin, Japan 2014 (World sales) NC14
Penance Teil 1, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC13
Penance Teil 2, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC13
Postcard, Japan 2010 (World sales) NC12
Sukiyaki, Japan 2011 (World sales) NC12
About The Pink Sky, Japan 2011 (World sales) NC12
Heaven's Story, Japan 2010 (World sales) NC11