º Nippon Culture

Discover Japanese culture! Numerous workshops invite you to get to know culinary delicacies or traditional art forms such as nihon buyo, ikebana and kintsugi. There is also a wide range of performances and concerts with musician Karin NAKAGAWA, rakugo storyteller Katsura Sunshine and many more. The Yokohama-based theater troupe Kakashiza will present Japanese hand shadow theater. And in her exhibition “I Lived In The Ocean”, Paula NISHIKAWARA will show works crafted with the fish-printing technique gyotaku. There will also be exciting presentations, talk sessions and of course our beloved Nippon Heimkino for all fans of Japanese trash movies! The supporting program will take place mainly on-site. In addition, there will be several online-only events. You will find all details in the descriptions of the events.