Films shown at Nippon Connection

Lady Oyu, Japan 1951 (Production) NC21
The Wandering Princess, Japan 1960 (Production) NC21
Saisaku's Wife, Japan 1965 (Production) NC19
An Actor's Revenge, Japan 1963 (Production) NC19
Women Are Born Twice, Japan 1961 (Production) NC19
The Blue Sky Maiden, Japan 1957 (Production) NC19
Elegant Beast, Japan 1962 (Production) NC19
Floating Weeds, Japan 1959 (Production) NC19
The Goddess Of Mercy, Japan 1964 (Production) NC19
The Red Angel, Japan 1966 (Production) NC19
Kiru, Japan 1962 (Production) NC18
On the Road Forever, Japan 1964 (Production) NC18
The Bride From Hades, Japan 1968 (Production) NC16
The Ugetsu Story, Japan 1953 (Production) NC16
Yotsuya Kwaidan, Japan 1959 (Production) NC16
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo, Japan 1970 (Production) NC06
Tomie: Re-Birth, Japan 2001 (World sales) NC03
Tomie: Re-Birth, Japan 2001 (Production) NC03
The City Of Lost Souls, Japan 2000 (Production) NC02
The City Of Lost Souls, Japan 2000 (World sales) NC02
Sumo Do, Sumo Don't, Japan 1992 (Production) NC00