Tomorowo TAGUCHI

Tomorowo TAGUCHI, born in Tokyo in 1957, began his career as an illustrator and musician. Today he is one of the most sought-after actors in Japan (TETSUO, THE EEL, GOHATTO, among others). In 2003, he delivered his directorial debut with IDEN & TITY.

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Japan 1989 (Cast) NC19
Vibrator, Japan 2003 (Cast) NC18
Hibana, Japan 2016 (Cast) NC16
The Drudgery Train, Japan 2012 (Cast) NC13
Gantz, Japan 2011 (Cast) NC11
Strange Circus, Japan 2005 (Cast) NC11
Oh, My Buddha!, Japan 2008 (Director) NC10
Ain't No Tomorrows, Japan 2008 (Cast) NC09
The Prisoner, Japan 2006 (Cast) NC07
It's Only Talk, Japan 2005 (Cast) NC06
Girlfriend, Someone Please Stop The World, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC06
Mask De 41, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC03
Doing Time, Japan 2002 (Cast) NC03
Bastoni – The Stick Handlers, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC02

Guest at Nippon Connection

Oh, My Buddha!, NC10