Ryuichi HIROKI

It's Only Talk

Nippon Cinema   ª 

"She meets with the men whom she can neither be with, nor be apart from." Yuko suffers from manic depression while the relationships she goes through are soon fated to end. Ryuichi HIROKI has fashioned a beautifully poignant story about life and survival, where just continuing to live is the best of outcomes.

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It's Only Talk (NC 2006)

Japan 2005

126 minutes

Ryuichi HIROKI

Haruhiko ARAI based on a novel by {0}

Kazuhiro SUZUKI


About Ryuichi HIROKI

Born in Fukushima prefecture in 1954, Ryuichi HIROKI is a highly productive filmmaker who learned his trade in pink films before making his own debut with SEIGYAKU! in 1982. Receiving a number of awards, he had his breakthrough in 2003 with VIBRATOR. He is a regular guest at the NIPPON CONNECTION film festival.