Rapid Eye Movies

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Pale Flower, Japan 1964 (Distribution) NC24
Drive My Car, Japan 2021 (World sales) NC23
Inu-Oh, Japan, PRC 2021 (Distribution) NC22
Shiver, Japan 2021 (Distribution) NC21
House, Japan 1977 (Distribution) NC20
Dancing Mary, Japan 2019 (Distribution) NC20
jam, Japan 2018 (Production) NC19
jam, Japan 2018 (Distribution) NC19
The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers, Japan 1985 (Distribution) NC19
Mr. Long, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2017 (Distribution) NC17
Mr. Long, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2017 (Production) NC17
Happiness, Japan, Germany 2016 (Production) NC17
Happiness, Japan, Germany 2016 (Distribution) NC17
The Whispering Star, Japan 2015 (Distribution) NC20, NC16
The World Of Kanako, Japan 2014 (Distribution) NC20, NC15
Fuku-chan Of Fukufuku Flats, Japan, Germany, UK, Taiwan, Italy 2014 (Distribution) NC20, NC14
Lesson Of The Evil, Japan 2012 (Distribution) NC20, NC14
Exte – Hair Extensions, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC11
Strange Circus, Japan 2005 (Distribution) NC11
Vital, Japan 2004 (Distribution) NC10, NC05
Genius Party Beyond, Japan 2008 (Distribution) NC09
Blue Film Woman, Japan 1969 (Distribution) NC18, NC09
Love Exposure, Japan 2008 (Distribution) NC10, NC09
Ichi, Japan 2008 (Distribution) NC09
Genius Party, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC09
5 Centimeters Per Second, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC08
Dainipponjin, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC08
The Tender Throbbing Twilight, Japan 2007 (Distribution) NC10, NC08
Unholy Women, Japan 2006 (Distribution) NC07
Sasori III – Department Of Beasts, Japan 1973 (Distribution) NC06
Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo, Japan 1970 (Distribution) NC06
Haze, Japan 2005 (Distribution) NC06
Lone Wolf & Cub I: Das Schwert der Rache, Japan 1972 (Distribution) NC06
Lone Wolf & Cub II: Am Totenfluss, Japan 1972 (Distribution) NC06
Appleseed, Japan 2004 (Distribution) NC05
Izo, Japan 2004 (Distribution) NC05
2LDK, Japan 2002 (Distribution) NC04
Aragami, Japan 2002 (Distribution) NC04
Metropolis, Japan 2000 (Distribution) NC02
Pornostar, Japan 1998 (Distribution) NC10, NC00
Perfect Blue, Japan 1997 (Distribution) NC00