Satoshi KON 今敏

Perfect Blue


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Mima, star of the girl band "Cham", gives her last concert, much to the chagrin of her many fans. She wants to try her luck as an actress in the future. However, her film career is not developing as she expected. She also catches up with her past in the form of a fan website, which still celebrates her as a pop idol, while her acting is condemned. Horrified she realizes that someone is publishing a partly real, partly fictional diary of the "real" Mima. Even in reality she feels haunted by the "pop mima". She finds it more and more difficult to separate delusion and reality. With the approach of the broadcast date of Mima's new film the threat to her and the people around her increases noticeably, up to murder. Who is behind all this, or is it just a bad nightmare? In his first directorial work, Satoshi KON brings his visually stunning animation style, which he developed while working on ROUJIN Z and MAGNETIC ROSE, to perfection. He dispenses completely with the science fiction genre commonly used by Animes in favor of a psychologically dense narrative style and places his subtle media criticism directly into contemporary Japanese pop culture.


Japan 1997

80 minutes

Satoshi KON

Sadayuki MURAI


Masahiro IKUMI

Rex Entertainment

Rapid Eye Movies

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About Satoshi KON

Satoshi KON (1963 - 2010) studied at Musashino College of Fine Arts and first debuted as a comic book artist, but quickly found his way into the animation film industry, where he first came to attention as a screenwriter and background artist for the episode MAGNETIC ROSE in MEMORIES.