Films shown at Nippon Connection

Talking The Pictures, Japan 2019 (Cinematography) NC22, NC22
Recall, Japan 2018 (Cinematography) NC18
Our Family, Japan 2014 (Cinematography) NC15
Solomon's Perjury 1: Suspicion, Japan 2015 (Cinematography) NC15
Solomon's Perjury 2: Judgment, Japan 2015 (Cinematography) NC15
Talk, Talk, Talk, Japan 2007 (Cinematography) NC09
Hanging Garden, Japan 2005 (Cinematography) NC06
Quill, Japan 2004 (Cinematography) NC05
Yumeji, Japan 1991 (Cinematography) NC05
9 Souls, Japan 2003 (Cinematography) NC04
The Thirteen Steps, Japan 2003 (Cinematography) NC04
Mask De 41, Japan 2001 (Cinematography) NC03
Inugami, Japan 2000 (Cinematography) NC02