Toshiaki TOYODA 豊田利晃

Hanging Garden

Nippon Cinema   ª 

This family lives in an old-fashioned high-rise apartment and housewife Eriko keeps a small garden on their balcony. They are supposed to have no secrets among each other, and Eriko is obsessed to keep that rule. But one day, secrets start revealing themselves.

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Hanging Garden (NC 2006)

About Toshiaki TOYODA

Toshiaki TOYODA was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1969 and was still a child when he began playing professional Shogi. He began his film career as a scriptwriter for Junji SAKAMOTO. His films have regularly been screened internationally ever since he debuted in 1998 with PORNOSTAR (1998 / NC ’00). Works of his screened at Nippon Connection include BLUE SPRING (2002 / NC ’02), THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH (2009 / NC ’10), I'M FLASH (2012 / NC ’13) and THE MIRACLE OF CRYBABY SHOTTAN (2018 / NC ’19).