Films shown at Nippon Connection

A Balance, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC22
Mori, The Artist's Habitat, Japan 2018 (Cast) NC18
Pumpkin And Mayonnaise, Japan 2017 (Cast) NC18
Three Stories Of Love, Japan 2015 (Cast) NC16
OBON Brothers, Japan 2015 (Cast) NC15
Backwater, Japan 2013 (Cast) NC14
Forma, Japan 2013 (Cast) NC14
Noriko's Dinner Table, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC11
Glasses, Japan 2007 (Cast) NC10
Kaiji, Japan 2009 (Cast) NC10
A Piece Of Our Life – Kakera, Japan 2009 (Cast) NC10
Yuda, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
Shady Grove, Japan 1999 (Cast) NC00