Masatoshi NAGASE


Masatoshi NAGASE

Masatoshi NAGASE, born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1966, started acting while still in high school. After his graduation, he starred in various TV series. He has since participated in more than 100 films by such directors as Gakuryu ISHII, Shinji AOYAMA, Yoji YAMADA and others. For his role in Naomi KAWASE’s SWEET BEAN (2015), he received the award as Best Actor at the 37th Yokohama Film Festival.

Winner of the Nippon Honor Award 2022

Films shown at Nippon Connection

A Hundred Flowers, Japan 2022 (Cast) NC23
Mountain Woman, Japan, USA 2022 (Cast) NC23
Talking The Pictures, Japan 2019 (Cast) NC22
They Say Nothing Stays The Same, Japan 2019 (Cast) NC22
Under The Stars, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC22
Just The Two Of Us, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC22
Mystery Train, USA, Japan 1989 (Cast) NC22
A Madder Red, Japan 2021 (Cast) NC22
BOLT, Japan 2019 (Cast) NC21
Happiness, Japan, Germany 2016 (Cast) NC17
P.P. RIDER, Japan 1983 (Cast) NC15
A Woman And War, Japan 2012 (Cast) NC14
Electric Dragon 80,000 V, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC13
Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!, Japan 2006 (Cast) NC08
The Loved Gun, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
Pistol Opera, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC05
Dead End Run, Japan 2003 (Cast) NC04
Enclosed Pain, Japan 2000 (Cast) NC02

Events at Nippon Connection

Online Film Talk: Masatoshi NAGASE, NC22

Guest at Nippon Connection

Just The Two Of Us, NC22
Mystery Train, NC22
Talking The Pictures, NC22
Under The Stars, NC22