Gakuryu ISHII 石井岳龍

Dead End Run

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Stylistic dynamo Sogo ISHII follows up the explosive ELECTRIC DRAGON 80.000 V with a film that is clearly intended to pin you to your seat. Three of the biggest stars in Japanese film today, star in three episodes that combine furious camerawork with a most impressive soundtrack.

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Dead End Run (NC 2004)

Japan 2003

60 minutes

Gakuryu ISHII

Gakuryu ISHII based on a narration by Junko URATSUJI


Hiroyuki ONOGAWA

About Gakuryu ISHII

Gakuryu (Sogo) ISHII was born in Fukuoka in 1957. His dystopian punk rock musical BURST CITY (1982) made him one of the precursors of the Japanese cyberpunk movement of the 1980s. Since then he has worked with renowned Japanese actors and international punk bands on numerous short and feature films. NIPPON CONNECTION dedicated a retrospective to his work in 2013.