Tatsushi OMORI 大森立嗣

Under The Stars


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Chihiro grew up in a family belonging to a sect that is convinced of the healing properties of a supposed miracle water. Only when she grows older does she begin to question her parents’ blind faith in the sect. Tatsushi OMORI tells Chihiro’s coming-of-age story as a compelling family drama about optimism and reconciliation.

Hoshi no ko

Japan 2020

110 minutes

Tatsushi OMORI

Tatsushi OMORI based on a novel by Natsuko IMAMURA

Kenji MAKI

Hiroko SEBU

About Tatsushi OMORI

Tatsushi OMORI, born in Tokyo in 1970, is the son of the famous butoh dancer and actor Akaji MARO and the brother of actor Nao OMORI. After early work with 8mm film, he worked as an actor and directed his feature film debut THE WHISPERING OF THE GODS in 2005. His second film A CROWD OF THREE (2009) was presented in the Berlinale Forum section and received the Best New Director Award of the Directors Guild of Japan. In 2012, the Nippon Connection Film Festival screened his film TADA’S DO-IT-ALL HOUSE (2011).