Tatsuya MORI 森達也

i -Documentary Of The Journalist-


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In Japan, there is an informal agreement between mainstream media and the government that is hardly ever questioned: Journalists are not too persistent in their criticism, in turn representatives of the government grant direct access to select information through press conferences. Isoko MOCHIZUKI, reporter for the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper, has established herself as a spoilsport in this system. Her work has already been the basis for the multi-award-winning 2019 feature film THE JOURNALIST (available in this year’s NIPPON CINEMA section). For its equally gripping documentary counterpart, Tatsuya MORI has accompanied MOCHIZUKI with his camera for several months.

i -Shimbunkisha dokyumento-

Japan 2019

111 minutes

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About Tatsuya MORI

Tatsuya MORI was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1956 and studied at Rikkyo University. In 1986, he began working for a TV production company. He then went freelance, shooting two documentaries about the Omu Shinrikyo sect, entitled A (1998) and A2 (2001). A was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. A2 received two awards at the 2001 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and was screened at the 2002 edition of the Nippon Connection Film Festival. In 2011, MORI co-directed the documentary 311 about the consequences of the Great Tohoku earthquake. Following that, he completed his documentary FAKE (2016). He is also the author of numerous books on social issues and a professor at Meiji University.