Films shown at Nippon Connection

The Asadas, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC22
Shape Of Red, Japan 2020 (Cast) NC20
Gukoroku - Traces Of Sin, Japan 2016 (Cast) NC17
Our Family, Japan 2014 (Cast) NC15
The World Of Kanako, Japan 2014 (Cast) NC20, NC15
For Love's Sake, Japan 2012 (Cast) NC13
My Back Page, Japan 2011 (Cast) NC12
Nada Sou Sou – Tears For You, Japan 2006 (Cast) NC08
It's Only Talk, Japan 2005 (Cast) NC06
Waterboys, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC05
Josee, The Tiger And The Fish, Japan 2003 (Cast) NC04
Tomie: Re-Birth, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC03