Ryota NAKANO 中野量太

The Asadas


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At the age of 12, Masashi discovers his passion for photography and starts taking unusual portraits of his family members. His talent is undisputed, but his ego hinders his career. Only after the 2011 earthquake does he find a new path in his life. Ryota NAKANO’s heartwarming film was inspired by the photo books of renowned photographer Masashi ASADA.

Sat., May 28, 2022, 14:15

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Mousonturm Saal

German premiere

Original with English subtitles

Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2022
Winner of the Nippon Cinema Award 2022

Coming of age Family


Japan 2020

127 minutes

About Ryota NAKANO

Ryota NAKANO was born in 1973 and grew up in Kyoto. His graduation film at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, AS WE GO CHEERING OUR FLAMING LIVES (2000), was also his feature-length debut and won him multiple awards. After several successful short films, he made his next feature-length film CAPTURING DAD (2012), which was invited to the 2013 Berlinale. His commercial breakthrough came with HER LOVE BOILS BATHWATER (2016 / NC ’17). In 2022, he won the Nippon Cinema Award with THE ASADAS (2020).