Masahide ICHII 市井昌秀

The Stormy Family

Nippon Cinema   ª 

After a successful bank robbery, the elderly Suzuki couple disappears without a trace. Ten years later, their four adult children hold a funeral service for their parents, who are now officially declared dead, and begin to divide their inheritance. As a violent typhoon approaches, old wounds reopen and unexpected secrets come to light.


Tue., June 01, 2021

Sun., June 06, 2021

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European premiere

Original with English subtitles

Territories: Germany

Comedy Drama Family Matters

Taifu kazoku

Japan 2019

108 minutes

Masahide ICHII

Masahide ICHII

Takahiro HAIBARA


About Masahide ICHII

Masahide ICHII, born in Toyama Prefecture in 1976, started his career as a comedian, actor and screenwriter before becoming a film director. His debut feature film DOG DAYS DREAM (2005) earned him critical acclaim and was awarded at the PIA Film Festival in 2006. Nippon Connection has screened his films NAKED OF DEFENSES (2008 / NC ’09), BLINDLY IN LOVE (2013 / NC ’15), and THE STORMY FAMILY (2019 / NC ’21).