Kino Films

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Dreaming In Between, Japan 2023 (World sales) NC24
Penalty Loop, Japan 2024 (World sales) NC24
The Yin Yang Master Zero, Japan 2024 (World sales) NC24
My Brother, The Android And Me, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC22
They Say Nothing Stays The Same, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC22
Sea Of Revival, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC21
The Stormy Family, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC21
The Town Of Headcounts, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
Another World, Japan 2018 (Production) NC19
Another World, Japan 2018 (World sales) NC19
River's Edge, Japan 2018 (World sales) NC18
The Projects, Japan 2016 (World sales) NC17
Blindly In Love, Japan 2013 (Production) NC15
That Girl Is Dancing By The Seaside, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC13
Fish On Land, Japan 2011 (World sales) NC12