Hirofumi ARAI

Films shown at Nippon Connection

The Stormy Family, Japan 2019 (Cast) NC21
Thicker Than Water, Japan 2018 (Cast) NC19
The Actor, Japan 2015 (Cast) NC16
100 Yen Love, Japan 2014 (Cast) NC20, NC15
Fish On Land, Japan 2011 (Cast) NC12
The Blood Of Rebirth, Japan 2009 (Cast) NC10
The Matsugane Potshot Affair, Japan 2006 (Cast) NC07
Blood And Bones, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
The Loved Gun, Japan 2004 (Cast) NC05
Josee, The Tiger And The Fish, Japan 2003 (Cast) NC04
Blue Spring, Japan 2001 (Cast) NC02