Bitters End

Films shown at Nippon Connection

(Ab)normal Desire, Japan 2023 (World sales) NC24
Roleless, Japan 2022 (World sales) NC23
One Day, You Will Reach The Sea, Japan 2022 (World sales) NC22
Blue Hour, Japan 2019 (Production) NC19
Blue Hour, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC19
Asako I & II, Japan, France 2018 (Production) NC19
Tamako In Moratorium, Japan 2013 (World sales) NC14
Leaving On The 15th Spring, Japan 2012 (Production) NC14
Why Don't You Play In Hell?, Japan 2013 (Production) NC14
Leaving On The 15th Spring, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC14
The Drudgery Train, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC13
Japan Lies, Japan 2012 (World sales) NC13
The Land Of Hope, Japan 2012 (Production) NC13
My Back Page, Japan 2011 (World sales) NC12
Abraxas, Japan 2010 (World sales) NC11
Wandering Home, Japan 2010 (World sales) NC11
Dog In A Sidecar, Japan 2007 (Production) NC08
Linda Linda Linda, Japan 2005 (Production) NC08
The Matsugane Potshot Affair, Japan 2006 (World sales) NC07
Gips, Japan 2000 (Production) NC02
Shady Grove, Japan 1999 (World sales) NC00
Shady Grove, Japan 1999 (Production) NC00