Open Sesame

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Nosari: Impermanent Eternity, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
After The Sunset, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC20
We Are, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC18
Monsters Club, Japan 2011 (World sales) NC12
Sketches Of Kaitan City, Japan 2010 (World sales) NC11
The Blood Of Rebirth, Japan 2009 (World sales) NC10
Crime Or Punishment?!?, Japan 2008 (World sales) NC10
Moon & Cherry, Japan 2004 (World sales) NC10, NC06
Faces Of A Fig Tree, Japan 2006 (World sales) NC07
Girlfriend, Someone Please Stop The World, Japan 2004 (World sales) NC06
A Volatile Woman, Japan 2004 (World sales) NC06
A Laughing Frog, Japan 2002 (World sales) NC04
A Woman's Work, Japan 2001 (World sales) NC03
Drive, Japan 2001 (World sales) NC03