Keralino Sandorovich

Crime Or Punishment?!?


Nippon Cinema   ª 

After stealing a magazine with an unfavorable photograph of her, Ayame gets arrested. To dodge a sentence, she agrees to play constable-for-a-day. There she meets her old boyfriend Haruki, and during her action-filled day Ayame realizes that she has more power than she was aware of. CRIME OR PUNISHMENT?!? offers a perfect mix of absurdity and coolness.

Tsumi toka batsu toka

Japan 2008

110 minutes

About Keralino Sandorovich

Keralino Sandorovich (aka Kazumi KOBAYASHI), born in Tokyo in 1963, studied at Yokohama Movie and Broadcasting College. He was a musician with UCHOTEN, a theater director with Nylon 100°C, and a comedian before making his first feature film in 1980 in 2003. He is best known for his quirky comedies inspired by the humor of the Monty Pythons.