Third Window Films

Films shown at Nippon Connection

The Day Of Destruction, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
Wolf’s Calling, Japan 2019 (World sales) NC21
Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
Sasaki In My Mind, Japan 2020 (World sales) NC21
One Cut of the Dead, Japan 2017 (World sales) NC18
Lowlife Love, Japan 2015 (Production) NC16
Lowlife Love, Japan 2015 (World sales) NC16
Ken and Kazu, Japan 2015 (World sales) NC16
OBON Brothers, Japan 2015 (World sales) NC15
Fuku-chan Of Fukufuku Flats, Japan, Germany, UK, Taiwan, Italy 2014 (Production) NC20, NC14
The Land Of Hope, Japan 2012 (Production) NC13