Akihiro TODA


Akihiro TODA

Akihiro TODA was born in Nara Prefecture in 1983 and graduated with a degree in theater arts from Kindai University. He founded the production company Cheese Film in 2014, as well as the theater group Cheese Theater in 2017. He won several awards for his short films and made his feature film debut with TANGERINES ON CAT in 2014. His feature films THE NAME (2017 / 'NC 18) and WE HAVE THE SAME MORNING (2021) were screened at numerous film festivals. TODA also works as a screenwriter and theater director. ICHIKO (2023 / NC ’24) is based on his own award-winning stage play.

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Ichiko, Japan 2023 (Director) NC24
Ichiko, Japan 2023 (Script) NC24
Ichiko, Japan 2023 (Original author) NC24
The Name, Japan 2017 (Director) NC18
Beautiful Method, Japan 2009 (Cast) NC11

Guest at Nippon Connection

Ichiko, NC24