Takamasa OE

Beautiful Method

Nippon Visions   ½ 

BEAUTIFUL METHOD portrays the young Japanese generation as weak-willed and extremely wary of making mistakes. Kei is 24 years old, unemployed and lives freeloading at Yoko’s house. Yoko is her old friend from high school and works at a local government office. While Kei is attracted to Moritani, a freshman at Yoko’s office, Yoko is struggling with her boss. Gradually their ordinary daily lives change.

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Beautiful Method (NC 2011)

Japan 2009

90 minutes

Takamasa OE

Takamasa OE

Nobuyoshi SAKURAI

Shuichiro FUKUHIRO

About Takamasa OE

Takamase OE, born in Osaka in 1981, studied business and economics before switching to the arts. After founding a theater ensemble, he joined CHEESE FILM, a group of filmmakers. NICE TO MEET YOU is his second feature film.