Yuji NAKAE 中江裕司

Nabbie's Love


Nippon Cinema   ª 

This is the touching story of a great love that knows no age. With a lot of feeling, wonderful music (by Michael NYMAN among others) and a lighthearted narration s the director tells the story of Grandmother Nabbie. Nabbie's granddaughter Nanako quit her job in Tokyo and returned to her and grandfather Keitatsu on the small island of Kurigo near Okinawa. The grandfather has taken a young stranger from Tokyo into his house, who is causing a disturbance in Nanako's emotional life, and Grandmother Nabbie has been behaving strangely lately, stealing away more and more often for mysterious walks. One day Nanako catches her closely embraced by a stranger, SunRa, Nabbie's great love, who has returned to the island after 60 years. The quickly convened family council decides to expel him from the island again. Torn between a sense of tradition and her love for SunRa, Nabbie now has to make a decision on her own. Nanako is also faced with the decision of whether she should leave the island, but the young stranger helps her with it.

Nabi no koi

Japan 1999

92 minutes

About Yuji NAKAE

Yuji NAKAE, born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1960, moved to Okinawa shortly after beginning his studies of agricultural science at Ryukyu University. As a student, he began filming with 8 mm. After graduating, he founded the film production company Panali Pictures in 1988. He was one of the directors of the omnibus film PINEAPPLE TOURS (1992), which was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. His feature-length films NABBIE’S LOVE (1999 / NC ’00 und NC ’23), HOTEL HIBISCUS (2002 / NC ’14) and THE ZEN DIARY (2022 / NC ’23) were internationally successful. Apart from directing feature films, he is also active in the field of documentary films and theater.