Office Shirous

Films shown at Nippon Connection

Makuko, Japan 2019 (Production) NC20
Shape Of Red, Japan 2020 (Production) NC20
Yan, Japan 2019 (Production) NC20
The Chaplain, Japan 2018 (Production) NC19
The Chaplain, Japan 2018 (World sales) NC19
Parks, Japan 2017 (Production) NC17
Journey To The Shore, Japan 2015 (Production) NC16
The Mohican Comes Home, Japan 2016 (Production) NC16
Unforgiven, Japan 2013 (Production) NC14
Hotel Hibiscus, Japan 2002 (Production) NC14
Dreams For Sale, Japan 2012 (Production) NC13
The Woodsman And The Rain, Japan 2011 (Production) NC12
Three For The Road, Japan 2007 (Production) NC08
Three For The Road, Japan 2007 (World sales) NC08
A Laughing Frog, Japan 2002 (Production) NC04
Nabbie's Love, Japan 1999 (World sales) NC23, NC00
Nabbie's Love, Japan 1999 (Production) NC23, NC00