Atsushi KANEKO

Hisayasu SATO


Rampo Noir

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Edogawa Rampo`s stories have been adapted into a motion picture, in which the hellish portrayal of a bewitching love affair begins to unfold. Based on one of the best Japanese Gothic mystery novels, RAMPO NOIR pursues human emotions and relationships between men and women with the use of overwhelming visuals.

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Rampo Noir (NC 2006)

About Akio JISSOJI

Akio JISSOJI, born in Tokyo in 1937, has directed such films as THIS TRANSIENT LIFE (MUJO, 1970), ULTRAMAN (1979), TOKYO: THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS (TEITO MONOGATARI, 1988), UBUME (2005).

About Atsushi KANEKO

Atsushi KANEKO, born in 1966 in Yamagata Province, major comic artist, brings his visual inventiveness to film for the first time for the episode CRAWLING BUGS.

About Hisayasu SATO

Hisayasu SATO, born in 1959 in Shizuoka Province, debuted in 1985 with MAD SENSATION. In films such as THE BEDROOM (Shisenjiyou no Aria, 1994) and NAKED BLOOD (Naked Blood: Megyaku, 1996), he deals with madness and perversion in everyday life.

About Suguru TAKEUCHI

Suguru TAKEUCHI, born in 1962 in Kobe, shot music clips and commercial trailers whose visuals attracted worldwide attention. After the TV drama BURST THE EARTH (2000), the episode THE MARS CANON is his cinema debut.