Keisuke YOSHIDA 吉田恵輔

Nama Natsu

Nippon Digital   ½ 

Middle-aged Masuo falls for a schoolgirl on the bus, Kyoko. She finds him repulsive, but the desperate and silly man just can't give up… YOSHIDA's wicked portrayal of middle-aged misery pulls no stops in this bizarre love story.

Japan 2005

57 minutes


Keisuke YOSHIDA, Shinya YAMADA

About Keisuke YOSHIDA

Keisuke YOSHIDA was born in Saitama in 1975 and studied at Tokyo Visual Arts. His debut, RAW SUMMER (2006), was awarded at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. The Nippon Connection Film Festival has already shown a number of his works, including his comedies SANKAKU (2010 / NC ’11) and THICKER THAN WATER (2018 / NC ’19).