Tatsuya MORI 森達也


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After the September 11th attack in New York, the international media also remembered the poison gas attack of the Aum sect in Tokyo, which cost many people their lives. Documentary filmmaker Tatsuya MORI has been dealing with the perpetrators of this attack for several years. In his first film A, he showed how the remaining members of the Aumsekten cope with the arrest of their leaders. A2 is the continuation. Those who have remained loyal to the Aumsekt have been subjected to fierce attacks by the media, police and the population. In the face of Japan's economic crisis, the nationalists began to rise, and they are calling for a relentless crackdown. MORI contrasts the 'diabolical' members of the cult sect and the allegedly so 'peace-loving' right-wing activists. The alienation of the right-wing thugs from society is reflected in the situation of the members of the Aum sect.


Thu., April 18, 2002, 21:00

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European premiere in the presence of Asako FUJIOKA


Japan 2001

131 minutes

Tatsuya MORI

Tatsuya MORI, Takaharu YASUOKA

About Tatsuya MORI

Tatsuya MORI was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1956 and studied at Rikkyo University. In 1986, he began working for a TV production company. He then went freelance, shooting two documentaries about the Omu Shinrikyo sect, entitled A (1998) and A2 (2001). A was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. A2 received two awards at the 2001 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and was screened at the 2002 edition of the Nippon Connection Film Festival. In 2011, MORI co-directed the documentary 311 about the consequences of the Great Tohoku earthquake. Following that, he completed his documentary FAKE (2016). He is also the author of numerous books on social issues and a professor at Meiji University.