Sungwoong KIM 金聖雄

Arirang Rhapsody

アリラン ラプソディ〜海を越えたハルモニたち〜

Nippon Docs   ¾ 

During and after the Japanese colonial rule between 1910 and 1945, numerous Koreans were resettled as forced laborers or emigrated to Japan, where they had to live under adverse conditions and face discrimination. Documentary filmmaker Sungwoong KIM, himself of Korean descent, focuses on the hardships that the women from these generations had to endure.


Sungwoong KIM

Sat., June 01, 2024, 16:45

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NAXOS Cinema

European premiere in presence of the director Sungwoong KIM

Original with English subtitles

NOT approved for persons under 18 years

Crossing Borders Documentary Politics

アリラン ラプソディ〜海を越えたハルモニたち〜
Ariran rapusodi〜Umi o koeta harumonitachi〜

Japan 2023

125 minutes

Sungwoong KIM

Toshimi IKEDA


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Kimoon Film

About Sungwoong KIM

Sungwoong KIM was born in Osaka in 1963. After graduating from Osaka Gakuin University, he gained experience as an assistant photographer and assistant director in Tokyo. In 1993, he started making his own documentaries, PR films, and TV programs. He has won several awards, including the Mainichi Film Award for Best Documentary Film for SAYAMA: UNTIL THE INVISIBLE HANDCUFFS ARE REMOVED in 2013. For MY ANNIVERSARIES (2022 / NC ’23), he received the NIPPON DOCS AWARD 2023.