Tomoaki FUJINO 藤野知明

What Should We Have Done?


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Documentary filmmaker Tomoaki FUJINO’s elder sister Masako began showing symptoms of schizophrenia as a young woman. Their parents ignored it, thus Masako did not receive any treatment, despite her worsening state. FUJINO started recording the family gatherings with his camera back in 2001 and has created a painful examination of taboos and responsibilities.

Tomoaki FUJINO

Sat., June 01, 2024, 14:00

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NAXOS Cinema

European premiere in presence of the director Tomoaki FUJINO

Original with English subtitles

NOT approved for persons under 18 years

Documentary Family Social issues

Dosureba yokattaka?

Japan 2023

102 minutes

Tomoaki FUJINO

Tomoaki FUJINO, Yumiko ASANO

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Tomoaki FUJINO

About Tomoaki FUJINO

Tomoaki FUJINO, born in Sapporo in 1966, studied forestry at Hokkaido University, as well as film at the Japan Institute of the Moving Image. In 2012, he founded the production company Zou-shima with Yumiko ASANO. His first feature-length documentary film, GET BACK, was released in 2019. As a documentary filmmaker, he has mainly focused on the history and current situation of indigenous peoples. His film AINU STYLE BURIAL, 2019, TOEPETSUKOTAN (2021) was honored at the 2021 Tokyo Documentary Film Festival.