Yoshitaka KAMADA 鎌田義孝


Nippon Visions   ½ 

Shoji runs a store in a desolate town in northern Japan. After the death of his wife, he longs to end his life so that his daughter will receive his life insurance money. But suicide is not covered by his contract, so he seeks help and meets Saki, who is also suicidal. Yoshitaka KAMADA raises profound questions about life, death, and the importance of humanity.


Sat., June 10, 2023, 12:15

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NAXOS Cinema


International premiere

Original with English subtitles

NOT approved for persons under 18 years

Cityscapes & Countryside Drama Social issues


Japan 2022

119 minutes

About Yoshitaka KAMADA

Yoshitaka KAMADA, born in Hokkaido Prefecture in 1964, began working at a TV production company after studying business economics at Hosei University in Tokyo. While directing documentaries, music videos and direct-to-video films, he also worked as an assistant for directors like Toshiki SATO and Takahisa ZEZE. His feature film debut was the pink film SARA (1998). His independent film LITTLE WING (2004 / NC ’05) was screened at numerous international film festivals. After an 17-years hiatus, he returns to the big screen with his film TOCKA (2022/ NC ’23).

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