Kenji KATAGIRI 片桐健滋

A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad's An Alcoholic

Nippon Cinema   ª 

It’s maddening: Saki’s father hasn’t come home sober for years. He prefers to fall asleep in the hallway and she, her mother, and her sister have to drag him into the bedroom. When his friends come to visit and play Mahjong, bottles of whiskey are emptied, while the mother just prays apathetically. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Saki wonders what’s wrong with this man who seems to care less about his family than he does about the next sip. Kenji KATAGIRI portrays a stubborn drunkard from the perspective of the women in his family, never being satisfied with stagnation or bitterness. In his film, the tragic turns as light-footedly to the comic as the comic turns to the tragic.


Tue., June 09, 2020

Sun., June 14, 2020

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German premiere

Original with English subtitles

Territories: Worldwide except Japan and Mainland China

Comedy Drama Family

You to bakemono ni naru chichi ga tsurai

Japan 2019

95 minutes


Ayumu KYUMA, Kenji KATAGIRI based on a manga by Mariko KIKUCHI



About Kenji KATAGIRI

Kenji KATAGIRI was born in Osaka in 1979 and was already making 8mm films when he was in high school. After graduating, he worked in France for three years as the assistant for Yann Dedet, who edited several films by François Truffaut. He returned to Japan in 2003 and gathered experience as an assistant director for various filmmakers, including Yoichi SAI, Ryuichi HIROKI, and Toshiaki TOYODA. His feature film debut ROOM LAUNDERING (2019) was screened at the 2019 Nippon Connection Film Festival and adapted as a TV drama.