Kentaro KISHI

Filme bei Nippon Connection

Mr. Suzuki -A Man In God’s Country-, Japan 2020 (Kamera) NC22
Along The Sea, Japan, Vietnam 2020 (Kamera) NC21
A Mother In Tears Takes A Child On Her Lap, Japan 2017 (Regie) NC19
Noise, Japan 2017 (Kamera) NC18
Noise, Japan 2017 (Besetzung) NC18
Passage of Life, Japan, Myanmar 2017 (Kamera) NC18
The Sower, Japan 2016 (Kamera) NC17
The Sower, Japan 2016 (Besetzung) NC17
The End Of The Special Time We Were Allowed, Japan 2013 (Kamera) NC14
Helldriver, Japan 2010 (Besetzung) NC11