Isamu HIRABAYASHI, born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1972, studied graphic design at Musashino Art University. After following a career in advertising design, he started working as an independent film director in 2001. Since then, his short films have been shown at major film festivals around the world, amongst others Cannes, Venice, Locarno, and Berlin. Nippon Connection dedicated a special program to his films in 2006. TEXTISM (2006 / NC ’06) was included in film critic Tony Rayns’ list of the ten best films of all time for the 2012 Sight & Sound poll. SHELL AND JOINT (2019 / NC ’20) is HIRABAYASHI’s first feature-length film.


Shell And Joint, 日本 2019 (脚本) NC20
Shell And Joint, 日本 2019 (撮影) NC20
Shell And Joint, 日本 2019 (監督) NC20
Mountain, 日本 2017 (監督) NC19
Soliton, 日本 2013 (監督) NC14
663114, 日本 2011 (監督) NC12
Matou, 日本 2011 (監督) NC12
A Story Constructed Of 17 Pieces of Space And 1 Maggot, 日本 2007 (監督) NC08
Doron, 日本 2006 (監督) NC06
Conversations With Nature, 日本 2005 (監督) NC06
Vs, 日本 2004 (監督) NC06
Textism, 日本 2003 (監督) NC06, NC05
Helmut, 日本 2003 (監督) NC06
Penis, 日本 2002 (監督) NC06
Cockroach, 日本 2001 (監督) NC06
Textism, 日本 2003 (監督) NC05


Film Talk: Isamu HIRABAYASHI, NC20


Open Art Special #2: Isamu HIRABAYASHI, NC06