Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is regarded as one of the most important directors of New German Cinema. Born in Munich in 1942, he began shooting his first short films while attending Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. His collaborations with actor Klaus Kinski, including AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD (1972) and FITZCARRALDO (1982), helped make him well-known to a wider audience. Nowadays, Herzog earns international acclaim for his documentary films, mostly produced in the United States. Apart from working as a film director, Herzog has also worked as an actor, as well as a voice actor, and has staged several operas.


ファミリーロマンス社, 米国 2019 (監督) NC20
ファミリーロマンス社, 米国 2019 (脚本) NC20
ファミリーロマンス社, 米国 2019 (撮影) NC20


Film Talk: Werner Herzog, NC20