Kazuya KONAKA, born in Tokyo in 1963, began making 8-mm films when he was just 10. His first film, CLAWS (1976), was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. After graduating from Rikkyo University, he completed his first feature film in 1986, THE LAND BEYOND THE STARRY SKY, which he then remade in 2021. He is particularly well-known for directing multiple cinema and television segments for the ULTRAMAN series.


Single8, 日本 2022 (監督) NC23
Single8, 日本 2022 (脚本) NC23
海辺の映画館―キネマの玉手箱, 日本 2019 (脚本) NC20
Ultraman: The Next, 日本 2004 (監督) NC05