Yukiko SODE


Yukiko SODE

Yukiko SODE, born in Nagano Prefecture in 1983, studied at ENBU Seminar under Tetsuo SHINOHARA. Her first short film COSPLAYER (2004) was selected for the 2005 PIA Film Festival. At the same festival’s 2008 edition, she won two awards with her feature-length debut MIME-MIME (NC ’09), leading to several screenings at international film festivals. After directing more short films, she completed her second feature-length film GOOD STRIPES (2015 / NC ’16), for which she received the Kaneto Shindo Award.


あのこは貴族, 日本 2020 (脚本) NC21
あのこは貴族, 日本 2020 (監督) NC21
グッド・ストライプス, 日本 2015 (監督) NC16
グッド・ストライプス, 日本 2015 (脚本) NC16
mime-mime, 日本 2008 (監督) NC09
mime-mime, 日本 2008 (脚本) NC09
mime-mime, 日本 2008 (製作) NC09


Film Talk: Yukiko SODE, NC21