Yoshihiro NAKAMURA

Yoshihiro NAKAMURA, born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1970, made his first 8mm films during his studies at Seijo University. In 1993, his short film SUMMER RAIN KITCHEN was awarded at the PIA Film Festival. NAKAMURA worked as an assistant director to Juzo ITAMI, among others, before making his feature film debut LOCAL NEWS in 1999. In 2007 he received the Kaneto Shindo Award of the Japan Filmmakers Association.


残穢-住んではいけない部屋-, 日本 2016 (監督) NC16
白ゆき姫殺人事件, 日本 2014 (監督) NC14
みなさん、さようなら, 日本 2013 (監督) NC13
みなさん、さようなら, 日本 2013 (脚本) NC13
ジャージの二人, 日本 2008 (監督) NC09
ジャージの二人, 日本 2008 (脚本) NC09
Foreign Duck, The Native Duck And God In A Coin Locker, 日本 2007 (監督) NC08
Quill, 日本 2004 (脚本) NC05
Lizard Baby, 日本 2004 (監督) NC05
刑務所の中, 日本 2002 (脚本) NC03