Masato HARADA was born in Numazu in 1949. His first work as a director was GOODBYE FLICKMANIA (1979). To a Western audience HARADA is likely best known for his starring role in the U.S. big budget film THE LAST SAMURAI (2003). Since their first collaboration on KAMIKAZE TAXI (1995), HARADA has worked with Koji YAKUSHO repeatedly.


日本のいちばん長い日, 日本 2015 (監督) NC17
日本のいちばん長い日, 日本 2015 (脚本) NC17
Inugami, 日本 2000 (監督) NC02
Inugami, 日本 2000 (脚本) NC02
バウンス ko GALS, 日本 1997 (監督) NC00
バウンス ko GALS, 日本 1997 (脚本) NC00