Takeshi KITANO 北野武


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Takeshi “Beat” KITANO plays the famous blind swordsman Zatoichi who is travelling through ancient Japan and fighting for justice. In a mountain village, he learns that the Ginzo gang is terrorizing the peasants, so he decides to stay. Great entertainment rhythmic images and spectacular sword fights!


日本 2003

116 分

About Takeshi KITANO

Takeshi KITANO, born in Tokyo in 1947, is a film director, actor, author, television and radio host, painter, and comedian. His directing debut VIOLENT COP (1989) was a huge hit on the international scene. His follow-up feature HANA-­BI (1997) won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival while ZATOICHI (2003 / NC ’04) earned him a Silver Lion. The historical drama KUBI (2023 / NC ’24) is based on KITANO’s own novel of the same name and had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.