Masaharu TAKE 武正晴


Nippon Cinema   ª 

32-year-old slacker Ichiko (Sakura ANDO) lives with her parents until a fight with her disapproving sister escalates: she moves out, accepts a job at a local 100-yen-shop and meets boxer Yuji, whom she has watched at practice numerous times. After her life takes more unexpected – and unwanted – turns, she takes up boxing herself and attempts to change her ways.

Hyakuen no koi

日本 2014

113 分

About Masaharu TAKE

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1967, Masaharu TAKE graduated from Meiji University in Tokyo. In 1986, during the course of his studies, he began making independent films. He then moved on to work as an assistant director for directors like Takashi ISHII or Yoichi SAI and made his feature film debut with BOY MEETS PUSAN (2007). Nippon Connection screened his films EDEN (2012 / NC ’13) and 100 YEN LOVE (2014 / NC ’15 and NC ’20), both in the presence of the filmmaker. His latest work is the successful Netflix series THE NAKED DIRECTOR (2019).