Yuji NAKAE 中江裕司


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Tsutomu is a former Zen novice turned writer living in a mountain hut. His happiness seems to be in cultivating his field and cooking, but the loss of his wife afflicts his life even after 13 years. Yuji NAKAE delivers a story that finds its strength in tranquility while also emphasizing the need for a sustainable relation with nature. Yuji NAKAE’s film NABBIE’S LOVE (1999 / NC ’00) can be seen at this year’s festival in a special breakfast film screening.

Tsuchi wo kurau junikagetsu

日本 2022

111 分


中江裕司 Tsutomu MIZUKAMIの物語を基に

Hirotaka MATSUNE

Yoshihide OTOMO

About Yuji NAKAE

Yuji NAKAE, born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1960, moved to Okinawa shortly after beginning his studies of agricultural science at Ryukyu University. As a student, he began filming with 8 mm. After graduating, he founded the film production company Panali Pictures in 1988. He was one of the directors of the omnibus film PINEAPPLE TOURS (1992), which was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. His feature-length films NABBIE’S LOVE (1999 / NC ’00 und NC ’23), HOTEL HIBISCUS (2002 / NC ’14) and THE ZEN DIARY (2022 / NC ’23) were internationally successful. Apart from directing feature films, he is also active in the field of documentary films and theater.