Kahori HIGASHI 東かほり


Nippon Visions   ½ 

In her late grandmother’s garden, Koto meets an old man who lives there in a cardboard house and records everyday sounds on tape. He then buries the tapes in the ground. The two share an unusually sonorous winter. Kahori HIGASHI’s directorial debut impresses with musician xiangyu in the leading role, its relaxed narrative style and a meditative soundtrack.

Hotobori meruto saunzu

日本 2021

80 分

Iha Films

xiangyu, Keiichi SUZUKI, Amon HIRAI, Umeno UNO, Tadashi SAKATA

About Kahori HIGASHI

Kahori HIGASHI, born in 1989, studied at the Film School of Tokyo and works as a designer. Her first short film THE SATURDAY LAUNDRY (2017) won the Grand Prix at the Tachikawa Meigazadori Cinema Festival. In 2021, she shot her feature film debut MELTING SOUNDS, which was screened at the 2022 Osaka Asian Film Festival.