Masashi YAMAMOTO 山本政志


Nippon Cinema   ª 

After the Sasaya family is forced to sell their luxury home, their daughter Akane invites her Twitter followers to a party. Soon the most eccentric characters storm their home for an unforgettable event. The most imaginative and quirky film of this year’s festival has it all: monstrous coffee beans, living statues, weddings, funerals and, of course, cats.

Noten paradaisu

日本 2020

97 分

About Masashi YAMAMOTO

Masashi YAMAMOTO, born in Oita Prefecture in 1956, started his 8mm film career after dropping out of university. His feature film debut, CARNIVAL IN THE NIGHT, was screened at Berlinale Forum in 1983. His follow-up ROBINSON’S GARDEN also was an international success and earned him the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award in 1987. With his “Cinema Impact” workshop, founded in 2012, YAMAMOTO has also been active as a producer.