Masayuki SUO 周防正行


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Because his beloved sumo club is not going very well, Professor Anayama persuades the student Yamamoto to join the club. Some time later, a television appearance of the team helps them to achieve popularity. Masako, the most loyal of the now numerous female fans, joins the club, but initially only to provide for the physical well-being of the team. Slowly, the team's first successes begin to appear, but when one of the athletes breaks his arm shortly before a tournament, the team has to find a replacement for him quickly. Masako has only waited for this. She decides to take part in the tournament. Everyone is horrified, after all Sumo is a male sport in which women are not even allowed to enter the ring – not to mention the dress code... But Masako is not dissuaded, and the next day the team enters the ring in full. This entertaining film by Masayuki SUO (SHALL WE DANCE?) offers an entertaining insight into the world of Sumo without taking this traditional sport too seriously.

Shiko funjatta

日本 1992

103 分




Yoshikazu SUO

About Masayuki SUO

Masayuki SUO, born in Tokyo in 1956, studied French Literature at Rikkyo University. He made his debut as a director with the pink film ABNORMAL FAMILY: OLDER BROTHER’S BRIDE (1984 / NC ’09). He gained international recognition for his award-winning comedies SUMO DO, SUMO DON'T (1992 / NC ’00) and SHALL WE DANCE? (1996). In 1993, he co-founded the production company Altamira Pictures. His drama I JUST DIDN’T DO IT (2007) won the Kinema Junpo Best Film Award. In 2006, he received the Shiju Hosho Medal for his merits in the Japanese film industry.