Nobuhiro YAMASHITA 山下敦弘


Nippon Cinema   ª 

With a sense of dry humor, director Nobuhiro YAMASHITA’s new comedy follows Ukon, a pure-hearted guy strangely prone to sudden outbursts of violence, and his homeless friend Ushiyama. They earn some money by working as miners for an old nationalist activist who believes in the existence of a hidden treasure in an abandoned mine. One day, Ushiyama finds a time-worn robot. “Robo” becomes a loyal companion to both friends and helps them out of more than one predicament.


日本 2018

124 分


Kosuke MUKAI Caribu MarleyTakashi IMASHIROの漫画を基に


About Nobuhiro YAMASHITA

Nobuhiro YAMASHITA, born in Aichi Prefecture in 1976, studied at Osaka University of Arts and started his career at Planet Studyo +1 in Osaka. His feature film debut HAZY LIFE (1999) was an international success and was screened in 2000 at the first Nippon Connection Film Festival. He had his commercial breakthrough with the comedy LINDA LINDA LINDA (2005 / NC ’08). Establishing his distinctive style with his subsequent works, including A GENTLE BREEZE IN THE VILLAGE (2007 / NC ’07), TAMAKO IN MORATORIUM (2013 / NC ’14), and OVER THE FENCE (2016 / NC ’17), YAMASHITA has become one of the major protagonists of the Japanese film industry.