Junji SAKAMOTO 阪本順治


Nippon Cinema   ª 

Ko, a man in his late 30s, lives in the countryside with his wife and teenage son. Mitsuhiko, who runs a local car dealership, also stayed in his hometown. One day, their mutual friend Eisuke returns from a long military operation and their reunification brings back both pleasant and painful memories. Junji SAKAMOTO’s delicately performed drama received the Audience Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018.


日本 2018

119 分



Shingo GIMA

About Junji SAKAMOTO

Junji SAKAMOTO was born in Sakai in 1958. He started his career as an assistant director while studying, working with filmmakers like Gakuryu ISHII, among others. His directing debut KNOCKOUT (1989) won a number of newcomer awards. In 2000, his crime drama FACE was also a multi-award-winning box office hit. Nippon Connection has already screened his manga adaptation BOKUNCHI – MY HOUSE (2003 / NC ’04), the comedy THE PROJECTS (2016 / NC ’17), and the drama ANOTHER WORLD (2018 / NC ’19). His film OKIKU AND THE WORLD (2022 / NC ’23) had its world premiere at the 2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam.