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Seibei Iguchi is a low-ranking samurai who lives a poor life caring for his two little daughters. One day, he meets Tomoe, his childhood friend, who is threatened by her ex-husband. An unavoidable duel ensues, after which the word of Seibei’s victory gets around. Soon Seibei finds himself ordered to slay a Samurai named Yogo, an order which Seibei unwillingly accepts. But the encounter with Yogo takes an unexpected turn.

Tasogare seibei

日本 2002

129 分

About Yoji YAMADA

Yoji YAMADA, born in Toyonaka (Osaka Prefecture) in 1931, directed more than 80 films over the course of 50 years. In Japan he is best known for the TORA SAN film series. Abroad, he gained wider recognition with his Samurai movie trilogy (2002­ 2006). In 2010, he was honored for his achievements with the Berlinale Camera.